Mountaineering (12 Images)

Living it up where the air is thin.

1Beautiful landscape, climbers, climbing, sunlight
CC by Stupid Dingo

2Mountaineering, sundown, awesome, beautiful,
CC by Stig Nygaard


3Climbing, moutaineering, elavation,
CC by Jeff Pang

4Climbing photo, gear, rope, helmet,
CC by mckaysavage

5Camera effects, mountaineering, cool,
CC by ` TheDreamSky

6Camping, expedition, tents, climbing,
CC by mckaysavage

7Group acent, roped in, mountain side,
CC by alpiniste

8Mount Shasta, picture, climbers,
CC by Darcy MaCarty

9Base camp, expedition,
CC by 176th Wing, Alaska Air National Guard

10Beginning the accent, roped in,
CC by katclay

11Looking Back, cool,
CC by #Eelco’s

12The peak, made it to the top,
CC by slopjop

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