The Daily Epic 3 (20 Images)

Today is a good day.

1Artistic shot of a skateboard
CC by geezaweezer

2Surfing a sunset, beautiful
CC by Aristocrats-hat

3superman stunt on a motorcycle
CC by Geraint Warlow

4Climbers hiking up a moutain with skiis
CC by Zach Dischner

5Stuntman riding a car through a fireball
CC by luc.viatour

6stunt rider bachflip, competition
CC by [Adam_Baker]

7Arial acrobatics, smoke, airshow
CC by JoshuaDavisPhotography

8Perfectly timed cycling accident
CC by BikeRanger

9Perfectly timed jump into tropical waters
CC by notsogoodphotography

10silhouette of photographers setting on o a cliff
CC by Zach Dischner

11A starlk, cold, beautiful lake at winter
CC by Zach Dischner

12Cafe racer Harley, bobber
CC by Brett Jordan

13Suoer cute puppy, wagging tail
CC by halfrain

14Travel image of a vendor in India
CC by VinothChandar

15Building under construction, cranes, steel skeleton
CC by Jakob Montrasio

16Muay Thai, flying knee
CC by Latente 囧

17Vintage rally car racing through the woods
CC by racin jason

18The perfrect untouched sand dune
CC by Hamed Saber

19Joy of bungee jumping
CC by Shahram Sharif

20Inspirational sign, today is a good day
CC by visualpanic


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2 Responses to The Daily Epic 3 (20 Images)

  1. fasterthan May 23, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

    6,7,8,9,=flip, flip, flip, flip
    I see what u did there

  2. fREEbASE May 23, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    well played sir

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