The Daily Epic 8

The Daily Epic 8

1WRC Rally car drifting in the dirt
CC by Kallerna

2Amazing landscape photograph of Moab
CC by Zach Dischner

3Jet engine cramned in the back of a beattle
CC by jurvetson

4The cutest puppy photo
CC by Bruce McKay

5Man hanging from a cliff over the ocean
CC by David Bolius

6funny antique listening device
CC by x-ray delta one

7cycling race

man racing in the rain

CC by Adam Baker

8Photograph of man crossing the sun on a hang glider
CC by Steve-h

9Vintage race
CC by dicktay2000

10Travel Photography of Chicago
CC by Bert Kaufmann

11Travel photograph of a waterfall
CC by >WouteR<

12Youth racing motorcycles
by Alex Schoots

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